About Us

With more than eight billion people, there’s always someone stronger, faster, better. But, you’re the only you. Before your identity merges with the world’s expectations, before you turn into just another rat running just another race, have the courage to walk away. Walk away from the prototype you’re forced to be, towards the individual you’re meant to be. Find your markings, wear them proud.

Reimagine the world because it is only as interesting as you are.

Opium, some call it a means to an end, others call it the end of all means. Call it what you may, it’s surfaced across the pages of our history for millennia. Understood fully by only a few, Opium is a state of mind, making it as unique as the person who possesses it. Opium products aren’t just objects you can see, feel, touch, wear. These are stories waiting to be told. Stories that fill up the empty canvas between you and the world. Stories that make you uniquely you.

Opium is a part of Eternity Lifestyles, the brainchild of prodigies from the eyewear world. Eternity Lifestyles is the exclusive distributor and marketer of luxury brands like Chrome Hearts, Cartier, Ralph Lauren, John Galliano and more. Pioneers of their field, they are the first to bring Oakley to Indian shores and to being associated with Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear company.